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STARENT – dealer of trucks & trailers – all the brands – new and used – very fast delivery – optimal conditions.

STARENT Trucks & Trailers – You can buy new or used vehicles, as well as take it for lease.

STARENT buys commercial vehicles and offers individual financing terms.

For you to drive effectively: flexible discounts – prices – from a new vehicle – STAR Trucks – to used vehicles, environmentally tested.

We protect: All the equipment is located on the paved lightened area of the company with 30 000 m²– in the center of Europe.

Used vehicles are like new ones by us: our STAR Trucks increase profitability of your cargo fleet.

Trucks matching the color of your company.

Trailers with your own tilt.

Trucks and trailers with your slogans.

Vehicle delivery / Export.

Equip your truck in a fashionable, comfortable and safe way.

By STARENT you can renew your stock, buy, change, sell or lease at a reasonable price.

We speak: DE, EN, IT, FR, ES, RU, UA, PL, CZ, RO, HU, BG, SRB, BIH, HR, SK

STARENT convincing concept. We do everything for you. Address:

STARENT Truck & Trailer GmbH

Bruck 49, A-4722 Peuerbach Phone:

tel: +43 7276 2161-130

fax: +43 7276 2161-259


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